Friday, July 17, 2015

Immorality Leads To The End of World

The beginning of wisdom is to hate evil! - Proverbs

Lie is such a huge word, in fact many things can be encompassed into the word, because many things are nothing but a complete farce, like statistics, politics, news, Crypto-currency, GDP, stocks, social security, security, government, debt, money, and the list truly does just keep going and going, but some day all of those things will come to an end.  The lies of course are only sustained by ignorance, but the internet will change all of that, and something leads me to believe that was the original idea behind it's conception, to spread the truth.

Sure the internet is full of lies, but there are many people talking online, splash in some truth and watch the masses suddenly start to catch on, indeed I've seen it with my own eyes first hand, and what I'm talking about is, the mind is controlled by what is most believable.  Stop and think about that real hard, do you really think that taxes help you?  Well I suppose if you are one of the 100+ million people working for the US Government, then that might be true, but then comes the accounting truth, and that is big government will only ever increase in spending, liabilities, and debts to be paid, but can it truly ever be paid back?

Well, then Greece happened, now the IMF & Germany have to make a choice, end the ruse too soon before the world is ready and it's going to get very ugly, very fast, and that's because the systems are not in place yet to handle the global collapse, though they are very close.  It's no longer a question of if the system will collapse, the question is, is how much rioting will ensue in response, and can the wealthy liars, et al (Gov), control the outcome of it?

At some point the police & military will see the futility of it all with millions pouring into the streets burning everything to the ground, if that's the way the rioting goes, because anything can happen when rioting ensues, anything at all, and I warn you that stores, water, and electricity may not be available, but that's when the boots will hit the ground fast.  Of course they are expecting it, but they aren't prepared well enough yet, and in a little more time the wealthy will shut it all down.

They will most likely use a blackout, because the worst thing that can happen to them is that information leaks out and the masses suddenly realize what the elite are planning, therefore it will happen suddenly, and most people won't even see it coming.  I fear that many people will be caught unaware of the changes coming, they don't realize that the wealthy will end cash, it's already begun, and they are working to stop people from pulling cash out of the bank.

It's not a war on cash, cash is worthless and the banks are able to create loans literally out of thin air, indeed every debt you have is nothing more than damn piece of paper in an office some where that the wealthy keep to hold over everyone's head, when the world tells the wealthy to go to hell, that's when the whole system comes crashing down because the banks are totally insolvent already!

I tell you all of this because the wealthy are an extremely arrogant lot, believing that they own the earth and the right to adjudicate whatever they want, to break the laws they write, rendering themselves immune to everything, while stealing through legislation via tools who enforce their laws at gunpoint, and I'm sorry if you are a cop or soldiers reading this and offended by this truth.  It is not my intentions to offend, it is to plainly lay the truth before everyone and let them judge what is correct or wrong.

Is it correct to steal from another person's family to feed your own?  That's what the government does every day, they demand it, and they have millions of laws to ensure it's a continual hardship on those who live under the rule of their laws, but their laws are lies!  Who gave them power to take what they want, is it because they believe because they have a gun, missiles, or war ships that they can just take what they want?

If that's true for the wealthy who supposedly claim to  own it all, what about the other wealthy people of the world?  What's stopping them from saying, "You know what, we own it all now!", raising arms and then coming to claim it, just like the other wealthy have?  War is not the answer, the wealthy only use soldiers to control nations, they try to prevent the loss of property, for property is where they derive their taxes from, and they realized a long time ago that as long as they can get fools to believe that their homes & cars are actually worth something, that they can continue the ruse & remain wealthy.

If nobody valued their homes and cars, then what?  One of the great things that evil people use is guilt, pretending you are responsible for something you aren't, granted if you do something against the law, then you will have to pay for breaking it, but not all laws are morally correct, like all of the traffic laws, tax laws, and many other laws as well.  When law is used to hold people in slavery, then those laws are wholly abject to the very thing called justice, and when the justice system becomes immoral & corrupt, then immorality will rise, which will lead to what I've been talking about in this blog post & other blog post as well.

Truth is the most dangerous thing to liars, to the corrupt, to the government, it is lies they use to hide in secrecy, but the truth always comes out, and how much longer will torture, imprisonment, and evil continue before the rest of the world starts to rage out of control?  I once watched a video about "Don't hasten the day", after a cop had shot a black person they posted it, but can you hide history forever?

Did the Mexicans forget about the Mexican American Wars?  No, I'm not trying to fester old wounds here, I'm trying to help those who have the power to change things to see that, if you don't start giving and change things quickly, there will be no more hope, and when all hope is lost, that's the end of everything.  Peace will flee the earth, but if you can't see the results of what that will entail, then you clearly aren't paying attention, and it's only going to get worse if nothing is done.

Don't be unjust, put the criminals in jail, hell keep putting them in jail, but when you have more prisons than tax revenues to support those prisons, then what?  Do you see the catch 22 here?  There are now more government workers than normal working citizens, business is dying, and these are all the results of unjust laws and cruel overlords who don't have a lick of mercy in their hearts, but this must change fast!

How can you have people in prison for breaking laws that the police are breaking everyday?  Granted some people belong in jail because they are a serious threat to society, but what are you going to do, throw away the key on them?  I'm sorry, did I miss the double standards you are trying to pass off as justice some how?

Is it just to call a hooker a good wife?  Is it just to allow casinos to exploit your law abiding tax paying citizens because they are ignorant?  Is it just to allow predatory lenders to have a store on every corner of America?  Is it just to steal people's children because you want to control how children are raised?  Is it just to call evil good and good evil?  Are you trying to install an open air gulag/prison in America?

If justice is fleeing, corruption ensue, then prepare yourselves, because the outcome will not be anything good I assure you.  If you have the power to do the right thing & make the changes that are needed, now would be the time to do it!  I beg you to stop the drilling into the earth, before the water becomes destroyed, stop drilling or it will mean the end of humanity & everything we love, and this is your opportunity to listen or we will all pay the price very soon!

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