Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mouse Traps Galore

I've decided to write this blog post because I came across a better way to describe the world in which most of us serfs live in, a world controlled & designed by wealthy people through the deceptions & illusions they masterfully paint for those who work hard for money (Which is the grand illusion), and don't realize that most things in this world is nothing more than a mouse trap at best.  Life is full of a lot of quality analogies, but one of the famous secrets of becoming wealthy is "Building a better mouse trap."

If you learn to build a quality mouse traps, the mice will come to eat the cheese, and then you are free to do whatever you want with the foolish mice who didn't see the trap for what it was.  There are many different mice traps in life, like your bank, laws, cars, the stock market, homes, and so very many more truly, indeed most things in life can be considered a mouse trap.

One might wonder, "Well, how is my bank a mouse trap?"  I'm sure the people in Greece can explain that to you perfectly right now, indeed many banks are getting away with all kinds of fraud and felonious practices, oh sure they get fined, but how many felonies can a bank commit before someone ask, "Why aren't these banks being broken up and those running them jailed?"  It's very critical that you understand if you give people your money, they control it, and with your money in the hands of other people, there is not telling what they can & will do with it!

If you are smart enough, then you probably are beginning to see that the Department of Justice and the politicians are cheering these banks on, because let's get real here, the money stolen from the depositors isn't returned to the depositors, and yes, you guessed it, collusion happens between all parties involved to take back the money we work so very hard for.  The team on the other side is always working hard to bring the public a mouse trap, whether it's mandated insurance, fines, licenses, fees, or expensive things that require something else to be useful, and whatever you want to look at, everything is designed to profit off of the ignorant masses.

The wealthy understand debt, that's what they sell at banks, your enslavement, and if you are foolish enough to get into debt, then you become a slave to the bank.  Though there is debt you can take on that other people pay for, which is smart & how people become insanely wealthy.  It's not just banks doing it, oh no, governments, corporations, and even people you meet every day in life are playing a game with people, the name of the game is "Who is indebted to whom?"

It seems like these days that most people are trying to trap their neighbor, sell someone a lemon, or connive/cheat their neighbor out of something, and it really has gotten to a stage now that drugs are widely being used worldwide, even children are falling victim to it from drug pushers & corporations.  Drugs themselves are a trap, of course everyone who knows that probably understands where I'm going with this blog post, but there is still yet much more to discuss!

With so many traps out there, we need to all be vastly aware that most things are designed to ensnare &/or cheat the unsuspecting masses, and with so much corruption & immorality running amok, it's leading the world to lawlessness.  That means the world is sliding towards total anarchy, which will threaten the stability of even wealthy countries, and that applies all the more to countries with limited and/or inadequate policing & military.

Of course the truth always comes out, it's literally sliding down a mountain like an avalanche now, thanks to the internet, and that avalanche is going to bury many with it!  Enough preaching though, back to the topic at hand, because there is so very much to cover here!

A car is a mousetrap because corporations install black boxes, computers, and spying technology, which also includes spyware so they can access your car's information via RFID satellite and send that data to other government agencies, like the police.  With a click of a button cars can be disabled, yes the manufacturers install black boxes on cars to disable them if you fail to make your payment, and what's to stop them from disabling your car once you've paid it off?  That's correct, nothing!

What's to stop the government from listening & recording everything you do and say 24/7?  I suspect the only reason they haven't achieved this status yet is because they haven't implanted electronic devices in humans yet.  Yet being the key word here, you should be extremely aware of the evil world we live in, and that is one where greed & profiteering is the high order of the day, even if it requires new regulation to enforce or to make it appear to be "acceptable".

As I've explained on other blog post, the laws only apply to the serfs, the wealthy can change laws at will, and they do not apply to those who write them.  I see many people in prison for what the police are doing every day, it really did open my eyes to the evil world we live in, one that is utterly rife with injustice, corruption, collusion, and so many problems that it's becoming crazy, ultimately.

Don't be a fool, learn the game, learn not to become trapped by the careful guises and ploys of the wealthy, and that's because many people fall victim to all of the traps the wealthy design.  Traps like security, big government, corporations, and so many more.

The greatest thing we possess in life is our understanding, the more of it we have, the more capable we become of avoiding the nasty traps the wealthy have laid before the unsuspecting debt serfs, and the more understating you have, the more responsibility that comes with it.  We all have a responsibility to share what we learn, to help one another, and if you can help people without hurting them, that is one of the greatest attributes in life!

The fastest way to wealth is to be giving, that's what the wealthy do, they offer something for free or very cheap "for now", but they always have plans to start charging substantially more for what they offer, it's called "Building dependencies", and people for too long now have become dependent upon the government to supply them everything they need, like their retirements for example.

Corporations build trust, they pretend they care, they offer great things, and then the real games begin, the games of terror.  Terrorism isn't anything new, it's just that people aren't aware of enough history to realize who's causing it and why.

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