Friday, July 17, 2015

Social Herds & Economic Turds

WARNING: This article is NOT for children.

"It is the fool who entertains, wisdom brings only sorrow."
Gale Innes

As truly tasteless as the title of this article may be, give it a chance and you shall see, that it's not whether you have a feather in your hat that matters, it's that the worldwide economy is in tatters, and while the wealthy preach about being healthy, the marketing drives the herds to turds. Think they do not, indeed sorrowful winks are what they buy, and despite that I do sigh, the end still draws nigh!

Doom I do not preach, it is but a game they play, this is not a play of words, poetry, or uncanny drivel, the mind shrivels before the internet spam, and the marketing is nothing but a scam!  They goad the internet herd with false promises, and SEO will do nothing for you, or did you think the corporate world is nothing but a shoe?  (Something to be laced up and worn)

Profits are what they seek, your attention is their peak, and your information is their elation, for they'll sell it all for but a penny or two.  Indeed you feed the beast, yet you remain the least, poverty is your reward for believing in the lies, and oh how I wish it was you who sighs!

Don't be a tool, they use the fools, the unlearned are those who burn, and if you're part of the herd, it is you who will eat those turds!  Imparting wisdom is my ploy, but it is you who must make the choice, and this charade they play is nothing but a masquerade, a game of fool the guesser and those with no voice.  It is noise they do make, the herd roars for the fads, and with ample post and heated roast, they eat in joy, not seeing it is their brains that goes bad.

Wit you need to get, buy the truth and bury it deep, don't by fooled like the uncanny sheep, for the herd does suffer for the fluff that the wealthy display, and don't delay they say, but it's fools who pay.  The end of things shall be you, the fool who took none of it to heart, your ways do bring you fulfillment, but it is your love that is their endearment, and the wealthy do profit from your toil, for they steal it from you with foil.  Indeed the fool works hard for that paper, though it is nothing but a caper, no the banks cannot taper this madness, and though you think yourself so canny, but why do you twerk your fanny with gladness?

I speak of those who cannot see, the mindless masses, and the wealthy who are weak with glee, when both will at last hear, no I'm not a seer!  The slave will hear his master's guns, bombs, and drones, indeed the fires will go high, as it is true the end draws so very nigh.  The herds will clamor and rage, but it will be off to the slammer and there will be no more glamour, for life is a joy to the wealthy who steal at will, and sorrows for the poor, but the maker of both shall place them both in the grave, and yes it is nothing but another page.

Never have you heard of such, but it is you who still needs to learn much, don't follow the herd, it is the story of the day that the wealthy do play in the media, plug your ears and do not hear, and if you can avoid the spam & scams, then heed before you bleed, for this isn't Wikipedia!  Buy not the crypto madness, figure out how you can protect your gladness, and trust not the banks, for they are nothing but swanks!

The wealthy love to parade, to host sports, and entertain the herd, just like in Greece, but the fires will consume, and at these end of things who shall you hire?  Robbery they did employ, stealing all with false promises, so shall they eat the fruit of their works, and yes it's down with the jerks!  Rebellion is the end, for tyranny must end, and rage they shall, but as Orwell warned, it is us who is scorned!

So, it's boots upside your head, indeed the fools will be dead, draw the herd they will, for they shall fall to the herd, and the bulls are the next phase!  So, you want to hear moar, but did you listen to what I've said?  Get sharp, for now is the time is to harp, and sing no more, for the bonfires are about to begin for the great whore!!!  Yes a witch hunt is on, or did you miss the song?  Bitch better have my money!  No, I'm not trying to be funny, it's just that the truth is absurd and as loony as the herd, and the wealthy they see them as a gas, but it is them who will not last!

Your time draws nigh, it is the wealthy who will cry, and your history is well known, but now that all is shown, don't rage, for there is nothing to do but turn the page, indeed you can't fight what is in sight!  Welcome to the new world, where rebels rule the day, and the wealthy won't enjoy their treats, yes it's all going to be quite a feat, for what else can I say?  Enjoy the madness, because it looks like it's the end of the world...

And to the end of this gas, the prophet's writing on the wall read, "The Fall Enslaves Us All!"

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