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The 3 Profiteers

Get the picture?

Whether it's law, banking, corporations, government, war, politics, jails or prisons, the Internet, investing, business, or whatever you want to talk about that's going on in the world today, even LGBT rights, the heart of everything is profiteering, and to give you a concrete example of that, just answer this simple question.  Do you really think the government cares about your rights?

Profiteering is the extremely obvious fact on the table, which you can build a mountain of evidence to counter the current agenda the wealthy are pushing to the public via media.  Indeed, politics is the science of influencing public opinion and the agenda of those in power is to lead the voting cattle to a milking station, and that's so they can extract any and all wealth from said cattle.  That also includes intellectual property, you know, your ideas, and we need to be careful while online, for if you set your ideas loose on the internet, they will be stolen if they are valuable. (Don't put it on your computer at all, given the NSA / Intelligence Agency / Corporate spying revelations...)

Wisdom is realizing that we all live in a thieve's world, ruled by criminals, and money is nothing more than a slave collar of the financially ignorant work for, but if you want to set yourself free from said collar, then listen up.  The wealthy understand one implicit fact, wealth is not found in money, it is found in owning things that produce money, like the loan on a home at the bank, and that's why my favorite Financial Education teacher Robert Kiyosaki teaches "Become the bank".

If you look at all of these loan shark businesses around America, indeed they are innumerable now & all over the internet as well, obviously some people realize the power of debt and the name of the game, and that is of course "Who is indebted to whom", which someone shared recently with me a very critical analysis of the current situation we seeing going on worldwide.  Replace governments with countries & then look at what's happening in Greece to get a better picture of the real truth.

They used to topple governments with tanks, now they use banks. - Stella

Debt however is a slavery collar, the wealthy hold that debt over nations for a real purpose, and that is of course to keep everyone poor, in countries like Venezuela the oppression is obscene. However, you should come to quickly come to realize that the wealthy are driving the entire world to utter poverty for a very real reason, as I've explained already on multiple blog post, and that is of course to drive the world into Digital Totalitarianism, where the wealthy control the entire show online.

Indeed in the times that are coming there will be 3 major pillars of profiteering, eCommerce (Purchasing online), eGovernment (Taxes & Legislation), and eBusiness (Including eBanking); however, you will find that the mega corporations more or less already monopolize those aspects online, and I should warn you that the internet is about to go through some serious changes, hence all of the "hacking reports" (Read Government Interventionism).  Banking is about capital controls, when cash becomes worthless (See Venezuela or Greece for real examples), then countries and people worldwide will be forced to go to digital currency, and that's when the real control & spying will take place, for all digital currency is 100% traceable.  (Something you need to be aware of!)

Goodbye local trade, goodbye black markets (Drug Trade), and hello massive taxation, which will be totally inescapable once everything goes digital.  Sure you might be able to trade for food and water, but if it's not a registered trade, you can just forget about owning anything of real value, and so I warn you that when cash becomes trash (Coming Soon) & everything is digitized (Almost reality now), the gates will be closed and there will be very little or no opportunity left for the serfs.

I say this because the monetary system revolves around debt, but those who are greatly in debt will be financially terrorized by the digital life ahead, for the corporations on the other side will be able to assess your financial situation at all times, and applying for a loan will come at almost no cost to banks, for everything will become automated I assure you.  If you want to have a quality picture of what the future will look like, go watch the movie WALL-E®, and that is indeed where they are leading the world, the spaceship is the digital corporation(s) & earth is already becoming devoid of many forms of animal and plant life thanks to radiation & other problems like heat.

Google is already monetizing YouTube, therefore if you can't see the net the corporations are drawing around us all, then maybe it's time you started paying attention, and if you aren't pissed off yet, then you are obviously not paying attention enough!  I'm not writing this blog to elicit an emotional response from my readers, nor to strike fear in people, no just turn on the news if you want that, but what I am trying to accomplish here is raising the awareness of the masses, and that is of course in hope before it's too late for us all, if in fact it can be stopped at this point.

If we don't fight the corporatocracy now, the TPP & TTIP will blow the world over, and you can choose to forget about all of this, but I assure you all of these problems will not forget about you or your country.  There have been many people online reporting the issues and I share a lot of those reports and other important information on My Google+ Page, and though nobody knows everything, all of us working together on social media with the same focus can indeed accomplish much!

I encourage you to get active in the discussion, share what you know, but be humble enough to learn, and never assume you are correct, for we are all incorrect much of the time.  Keep an open mind, be willing to change your perception and understanding, indeed do all that you can to raise the awareness of yourself and others, so that we can all share quality information, and that truth may be enough to topple the lies the wealthy love to weave all around us like a web, because the spiders are designing much chaos for the flies on the web!

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