Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Awakening of Technology

With rebellion awareness is born. - Albert Camus

Teaching about tomorrow is so very difficult, mainly because you have to fight a lot of indoctrination that is taught in schools & the media which is constantly streaming online, and though it is possible to be wrong, those who have enough awareness and understanding can teach others what tomorrow may bring based upon their awareness.  I'm not a soothsayer, but I do know enough facts & truths to see that the heart of most problems derives from greed, and that my friends can be applied to so very many things indeed, like politics, commerce, or whatever!

I thoroughly believe we cannot unscrew the world at this point, the illusions of life are the promises that the wealthy hold before the masses like the proverbial carrot before the horse, and those illusions are so very strong for many people.  Like the illusion of money, politics, jobs, and the internet, all of which are indeed something the wealthy control, but unfortunately the masses don't see the truth of those illusions, therefore, I'm going to take the time to help you see the agenda of the wealthy, and their plans to lead the masses to a world which should leave you utterly speechless, but please go slow and think about everything I ask here, for it does require serious thought.

What if money was just a means to keep people working for the illusion of wealth and wealth was simply just the right to collect money for providing people with something like food, clothing, shelter, and that was only allowed be controlled by the wealthy?  What if the wealthy wanted to monetize every aspect of life and place it online where they can control everything digitally?

What if schools were closed, the banks bailed in, all currencies were outlawed, all markets failed, and the only way to do business was online?  What if the only way to teach your children was online, because the government was broke and couldn't pay for teachers or schools?  What if the only way to get information was controlled by a search engine result, which could be filtered by the corporations?

What if the only way to learn was through government approved websites that they controlled utterly and nothing was taught or displayed that they didn't want people to know?  What if the wealthy are leading everyone to a digital prison, where they could monitor, control, and profit from everything you do online?  What if every piece of information & everything people do online was monetized?

What if the corporations wanted to make you do all of the work and pay for everything you need or want, while they offered no jobs, no hope, no money, and no help?  What if everything that is happening in other nations like Greece or Venezuela became reality for the world?  What if everything the politicians and media have been telling you is a lie?

What if most of the internet is full of nothing but lies and deceptions to make people confused and to inspire fear in others?  What if the internet was used by the wealthy to rule the world and all borders were dissolved?  What if all of the businesses in the world closed their doors because rioting and looting made it impossible to run businesses?  What if you had to constantly deal with power outages & water was the most precious commodity on earth?

They say those who learn to adapt have the greatest chance of survival, but what if all of the problems are being brought about by the wealthy for profiteering?  What if the wealthy want to monetize everything we do?  Is the world truly insane or simply deluded by false promises and lies?  I'm afraid it's much worse than what I've outlined here, indeed I cannot truly even touch upon even 1/100th of how crazy the world is quickly becoming.

There is so very little time left now, indeed many people are going homeless, and many people can't pay their bills, even many are already starving worldwide.  I'd love to believe that tomorrow holds better things for us all, but crime and outrage seems to be growing, and this is the result of what happens when immoral people lead, for injustices leads to outrage.

I'm afraid that in the times ahead it will not be those who are most armed & prepared that will survive, but those with the most knowledge & awareness, because the wise see evil and they hide themselves, and believe me much evil is now here, it's just that most of the world hasn't woken up to it yet.  You may not understand what I mean by evil, but if you read or watch the news, it's full of the reports of insane stories of people doing evil things for fun or profit.

We see so many problems in the world, but nobody stops to ask who is causing this and why?  What is going on?  You might want to stop and take the time to become well informed, you should turn to intelligent people and start asking questions, because life is about to change, and that applies to everyone worldwide, even the middle class and the rich.

When the markets and banks collapse, which many "Optimist" believe is nothing but a lie, things are going to turn ugly very fast I assure you, and let me hip you to something, America is NOT impervious to what is coming at all.  Google "America Trade Balance", read all of the news that you can, and that will lead you to the conclusion of what those who are informed already know.

Max & Stacy know what's going on today...

I'm afraid the worse has just begun, neo globalism is on the rise, and most of what I've outlined above is only but a few months away.  You should be prepared for the worse, prepare for forest fires, rioting, house fires, power outages, and anything you can, but most importantly prepare for stores to be closed for a long time, including banks.  I'm not sure how long the transition to digital totalitarianism will take, but I am certain that the military you will see on the streets is there for a very important reason, and the government isn't going to tell you why.

It is too late to mount a rebellion, as I've explained before, it will not help, but you should be doing all that you can to warn your neighbors and friends that the wealthy are about to force everyone into this digital prison that they've been building for a long time now, where every aspect of life will be controlled, yes even what you can speak online, and no your constitution will not apply online.  Your healthcare, your schooling, government and anything that they provide will be digital & monetized, for the governments are broke, and the wealthy who control it all have the power to make the rules.

Those who borrow money are servant to the lender, the government has been borrowing a lot of money, and the real question you need to be asking yourself is, from whom?  Why is most of the world poor?  Because they aren't willing to seek an education that can set them free from the illusions the wealthy use to drive the world to work for peanuts, but even those peanuts are going away.

What are you going to do now?  Watch the video below, pay close attention, this judge is trying to help you see it all, and he got fired for this, because it's information they don't want you to know.  I'm afraid in the times ahead many people will have questions, but nothing will be free, and the masses will become very angry, so expect the worst I warn you.

Fascist Tyranny is here...

History is repeating itself...

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