Monday, July 20, 2015

The Greatest Treasure In Life

In today's world, as I write this blog post, we are seeing country after country falling deep into debt, followed by their stock markets falling out, and their currency's value crumbling.  I'm afraid this is only the beginning of what is to come, which will include many more markets, currencies, and countries falling out, and yes that will most definitely include America & the US Dollar as well.

They say good journalism isn't suppose to talk about the future, but I have to wholly disagree, mainly because the future is now, and if you have been paying attention, then you would know full well that changes are coming & more importantly why.  Understanding is not something you can teach in schools, neither ethics, these things that are gained by seeking the truth, and I'm here to tell you that the truth is something worth searching for, indeed that is what fine journalism is truly all about.

Unfortunately a large amount of the media you will find online is nothing more than either a marketing ploy, misinformation (A ploy used by the Robber Barons to distract the masses), or outright slander used by the media to destroy the reputation of others, and the government uses slander to keep their power, as if they are better than anyone else.  I've listened to the brainwashed government/system loving tools bleat on about their indoctrination and ideology passed down to them from the universities, but most of them are lacking the ability to think for themselves, having bought the college indoctrination hook, line, and sinker.

If you want to learn to think, then learn to listen to everyone, yes even the idiots, for sometimes idiots can teach you what not to do or believe, indeed some crack-pots actually know what they are talking about sometimes too, and we've all have been idiots at some point in our lives.  The older I get the more I realize that most people are pretending, they don't know anything, and those with bravado are often lacking the ethics needed to be a person of higher quality, indeed I've met a lot of extremely intelligent yet unethical, poor, and arrogant people.

"Kung-fu isn't what people think it is, Kung-fu is how you treat people." - Jackie Chan

The greatest problem with the world is people think they are intelligent and wise, but they are just like the rest of the fools out there chasing after things that bring them nothing of value, and because of this they find frustrations, often rage & take their frustrations out on innocent people.  I have seen many parents frustrated with life abuse their children either mentally or physically because they were upset, I've seen people body slam dogs because they were mad, and I've seen people physically fight over nothing but words.

Another great problem is people lack self control, they let their desires and emotions control them, and they do foolish things because of that, indeed I've watched many different people from many different walks of life who become controlled by many different things.  Things like money, drugs, sex, fear, greed, and that's only to name a few, pride is also something that drives people to do insanely foolish things.

The more I consider the world we live in, the more people I listen to, and the more media I ponder, the more it becomes apparent to me that the world is quickly sliding towards lawlessness, and a large part of that can be contributed to the immoral actions of those in roles of leadership or power, like bankers, wall street, police officers, and more.  If you refuse to do justice, then what will you have to say when injustice meets you?  Likewise, what will you have to say if your children suffer from what you do or did in life?

If there was one thing I could teach my children, it would be to be mindful of their words, especially what they say to others, be mindful of what they are doing & why, and be wise enough not to act if they are unsure of what to do.  All of this of course is leading me to my conclusion, which is something you need to be aware of, and that conclusion entails a lot of things, for we live in a time where greed is the number one thing that drives legislation, business, and the actions of most people in life, it's also how those in power control others, through greed (Mere false promises!).

To be aware of what we live in, you have to first consider that, "Everyone wants your money", secondly you need to know who you can trust, and who you can't.  Can you trust the banks, can you trust the government, and can you trust your financial adviser?  The answer to that is, "Don't Trust Anyone", that's the number one rule of trust, and if you choose to trust someone and you get burned, then you know not to trust them again.  Learn to trust with extreme caution & protect yourself!

They are working at destroying currencies and markets to usher in digital totalitarian commerce, where the government controls all currencies, transactions, and business online, while spying upon everything we do & say online, there will come a point that they don't even have to hire people, for it will all be perfectly run by computers, and though some people may believe these "Hacker Groups" are behind all of these reports we see online, I for one do not.  I believe everything is perpetuated by the government for the intent of controlling the masses and keeping the illusions alive.

There are many illusions in life, like money, gold, crypto-currency, stocks, bonds, CDs, and many other things the government sells you, if you don't understand how the government sells you money then you obviously need a financial education.  Money is an IOU note, you work for them, but the government controls their value & taxes it as well, once nobody believes in the value of a currency, then that currency becomes worthless, and that's precisely what you will hear in the media these days.

You will hear the media talking about the value of a currency falling out, the stock markets falling out, and if you need to ask why after reading this article, then you clearly aren't paying attention.  The wealthy people who make up the government, Wall Street, and the banks sells you these products because they control the value of them, even & especially precious metals, and believe me they utterly control everything they sell you.

Some people bought the lie that "Banking is safe, you can trust us", but what they don't see is the billions of dollars the banks are raking in off of financially ignorant people who go through life thinking they are smarter than everyone else because they have a little money or some gold.  Keep stacking, keep collecting that paper, whether it's money, bonds, CDs, stocks, it matters not, and that's because those things will be of little value soon.

If you want rock solid investing advice, then consider what the wealthy invest in, they invest in Utility Corporations, Food Corporations, and any corporation that sells something that you consume, all consumable products that can be sold in unlimited quantities are the most profitable, period.  Stop and think for a moment, what would a car be worth without oil or a DVD player without DVDs?

The one thing you need to realize is, YOU ARE THE MONEY, invest in yourself, get an education, gets some understanding, and learn to think, because the wealthiest people in life don't work for money I assure you.  The wealthy invent money, just like they invented Crypto-currency, and that's something the wealthy will soon offer as a solution when all other currencies fall out, coming soon!

The wealthy sell security too, they are also the ones who create a lot of the problems you see advertised in the media, and indeed they are responsible for a lot of terrorism & war, it's all because "The violent take by force."  That's an old proverb, along with "The wealthy rule over the poor."  Another ancient proverb that can be found in the book of Proverbs in the bible, it's amazing how much wisdom can be found in the bible, something most people discredit as truth because they are atheist, and even that is an agenda of the wealthy, to hide the truth from the public so they don't wake up to all of the lies and immorality they push down everyone's throats continually in the media.

Enough about that though, you are the greatest treasure in life, if you want to know where to invest your money, invest it in your education & understanding, and take the time to find the truth!  I know you probably don't have time, but like my favorite financial education teacher (Robert Kiyosaki) explains, "Excuses are lies we tell ourselves."  We must find the time or we will pay dearly for our ignorance, that's because the most money to be made is made by something you don't know about, so you should focus on learning, and more importantly, start thinking for yourself fast!

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